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Love it

This game is so addictive and fun to play it’s so aggravating when you die believe me But it’s still one of the best games I’ve ever played

I love it!!!!!

Best game everrrr💕💕💕💕😃😃❤️!!!!

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Auryiboy51 was the time I had a baby shower last week

Best app ever if you want a challenge you should get this app

I had so much fun playing this my whole family has this app I think it is one of the best apps for challenges

Love em

I love the bbc and the bwc


I think that Roche is a competitive game and maybe a little bit complicatedThe faster you go the harder it gets and I love when it changes the colors on the ball it goes epic common or rare.

It's very good 😊 I love it 😍

I'm just play this play🎮😻



In the zone 👍🏼

When I just gets me in the zone and I’m really focused when I play... it just gets me in my happy place 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


I love this game. I highly recommend it because it is a lot of fun to play. You can level up in ranks and get new cool looking spheres. I absolutely love it and I hope you consider getting it because it is a lot of fun.

Mixed review.

I find that the game is fun. Nice mindless activity that can help consume large blocks of time. Pretty addicting. However I have decided to remove this game from the games I play because of the ad choices they use. They have one add that comes up between games where there is a sniper shooting people in the back of the head. Not happy about that especially since the rating of the game is 4+.

Great but the Revives do not work

Every time I’m close to my high score or just want to use the revive to complete a challenge I go through the ad (it’s normally a demo game) and when I exit out after the ad my revive doesn’t even work! Very fun game indeed but the whole revive thing is very frustrating.

Too hard

I like this app but it is too hard. I can’t get past 25

Is lit

Do play

Pretty good

Good game but it can lag alout

Less ads

I love this game is so much fun and I’m addicted to it but there are too many ads for other games that interrupt me while I’m playing:/

Cheap and bad

Great game! I especially love the part where it tells me I need to watch an ad to continue where I died and then it starts me over anyways! I wish I could say it happened once. I really wish I could say it only happened once.


Rush is so cool and awesome 😎 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 if u don’t have rush u should get it


It’s a very fun game but can get annoying😂 but it’s and addicting game to play, overall I love it!

Good game

I have had the game for a while fun to play especially when you are bored I highly recommend it

Pretty decent

The game overall is pretty decent, but rarely the screen goes black and I am left listening to the catchy music and staring at a blank screen until I close the tab and start the game up again. I also noticed how similar the game is to a former game of ketchapp “rider” And the animation that you get when you die is a little unrealistic/childish but other than that this is a great game!

Supper addicted

I’ve been playing for a while now I have my wife hooked. My only problem is I’ve almost unlocked all the spheres and close to all the roads. What happens after I rank up all the way and get all the spheres. Add more please.


I’m not a girl lol yeah I am and yes this is a great game it keeps my niece occupied really good use ya know I say let all kids play his unless there under the age of +1

Too much lag

This game is addictive and was really enjoyable, but over the past couple of weeks it's become so laggy that it's almost impossible to get a decent score. And when you do get into a good run, usually it'll eventually slow up and lag, causing you to crash. Done wasting my time and getting frustrated by it.

Constantly freezes.

I enjoy this game, but I have to delete and reload it often.

Challenge 53 is impossible

It is garbage

Broken game

I haven’t been able to play because the screen freezes at the main screen. One of my favorite games and I can’t play it :(

It won’t work

At first, the game worked and it was very fun. But now, the play button on the screen turned grey and won’t work. I even opened it and closed it and so-on. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it again. It just won’t work, neither does the free gift. Actually, none of the buttons work at all.

Make no ad version

Ad is the worst thing in this game. Really annoying. I will buy no ad version of this.

I love this game

I love this game


Addicting! Hard at first but I definitely recommend it!

Good but let me pay you to remove ads

The ads are so annoying. You made a solid game. Provide a premium version without ads.


I love Rush. It is so much fun, and for me if I don’t have service I still can play! Definitely this is a 5 star.




This game is so awesome


iPhone X support? Please😁

Good game

Recommended to everyone

Wish it would work

I'd love to try and play it but it freezes every time. Looks like a nice game. If it would WORK! iPhone 8plus should be enough to do the job

Like this game

It’s a cool game ,kinda in love with it ,definitely more than 3stars!


I upset tho-ooo........there is a way you can make it up to me🙃 make levels and we could chides our OWN ball and road colors. Huh?🤨


Fun game, but for such a fast paced and reactionary game the glitches in gameplay can really mess you up which is very frustrating m

More Balls Please

Sweet game but some more rankings and balls would be nice.

What a game

I love this game! But it always glitches. It’s a great game and all but it’s not the best. You should play balls race, it’s way better!


I love it but it's hard.


It's a fun game. Good time killer. The ads aren't to intrusive on gameplay. My only complaint is "lag" sometimes. It started in the last couple of weeks. When I first started playing a couple months ago the game ran super smooth. I'm playing on an iPhone 7 plus



It's ok

It's a great game... It just glitches a lot

Too many bugs

This game has potential don’t get me wrong but this game needs to fix a few things such as “revive now” as I tapped it 3 times nothing happened and I lost pretty much 90 seconds of my life overall decent game.

Fun game!

This game is really fun when you have nothing else to do at work and you are sitting around. It's a perfect for my 15min break times.

Love it

Fast paced and fun. A great way to pass the time.

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