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The colors are too dark to see


For whatever reason it doesn’t work. I get through the title screen and app and the ball just sits there. None of the icons/buttons seem to work or do anything.

Addicting game but needs improvement

The game is okay BUT the game freezes and you can’t fix it I swipe it away I turn off my device completely but every time it’s frozen and if I delete it I loose the data. I wouldn’t download it if I were you.

Good but messed up

This app was really fun until all the buttons stopped working and I could no longer play. I even tried to delete the app then redownload again but it still didn’t work

Great Fun

It’s an addicting game at first it may seem difficult but eventually it gets easier


This game is at first challenging, but then you get the hang of it. The colors and designs are cool. I just wish that there was more of a variety to play from. Don’t get we wrong this game is still super fun.

Too many glitches to be any fun

This game has too many glitches to be enjoyable. It's a shame because otherwise it'd be really fun & I would have given it a 5 star rating.

Omg it so good

I love this game so much and I just got it but I don't like of the adds just take that away and it will be the best app ever

The add are ruining this game

I really do not like add supported games. In this case the add are what made me delete the game. Though I will say other than the add great game. The adds are intrusive, right now there is an add that does not go away after you crash your pod/ball. It’s an add for some sort of casino game. Most of the other add you can close immediately well this one you cannot close at all. Game deleted.

Fun game when bored

This game is fun and all but it gets repetitive and all the while it gets laggy and jumps forward or back there's also some minor glitches with triangles not spawning and the averages should update more often

You need to fix this asap !!

I love this game don’t get me wrong, I’ve been on it ever since I got it but I have realized some glitches that have really ticked me off. So I have been getting really close to my high score and I’ve been setting it higher and higher but I’ve had multiple times where I was so close to it (like 2 or 3 away) and then died but the chance of redeeming myself by watching a video came along and I would click on it and it would just freeze or the video wouldn’t load making me loose my chances of breaking my high score and not getting my challenge done because I finished it but it didn’t count because your app likes to glitch. It only happens once in a while but it’s very annoying when it does. Other than that it would be a five star app if it stopped glitching😤😤

Bam bam bigelow!

Addicting, frustratingly fun.

Bad game!

Yes this game is addicting. I liked it the first few times I played it, but after a while it mad me so angry! There are too many ads! In the middle of the game a tiny ad popped up and I lost because I couldn’t see! My game lags a lot too.


Horrible lag when the game starts and ruins a lot of my runs and it makes it hard to beat certain challenges it shouldn’t be this bad with an iPhone 6

Great game

I think it’s a fun and addictive game. The only thing I don’t like is all of the ads.

Rush game, to ketchapp

Game pisses me tf off because everything game it lags and I die. Why is your game so laggy when all of your other games really aren’t .....


This app is pretty fun and these are words from an 11 year old girl, so which, is me. I think it helps you to earn how fast ur brain can react to things. Personally I love the app, so get it! #MyOpinion

A good game ruined by ads

I really like this game, it’s very simple yet fun. However there is one MAJOR flaw that ruins the game. Ads. Ads make the game pretty much unplayable, they lag the game and sometimes the ads block the play button so I’m not even able to press the play button. EVEN WORSE there is no way to get rid of ads. In general it’s a good game but the ads ruin it for me


This is a very fun, but hard game.




You load an add so I can continue it gives me some crap demo and I don’t get to continue. I would understand if it was once or twice but eight times common don’t sponsor demos. Please fix this.

Insanely fun

Can play for an hour straight

It’s pretty dope

To got onto this app from my friend and I started playing it in my free time. It can get a little old after a while but it keeps you reeled in my trying to unlock roads (all the cool ones are past level 16). And that hamster ball is lit af.


This game keeps me one my toes I love it it is not hard nor easy!

I should be doing Homework

This is so good it is a real good idea u guys should also play rider

Buy this game right away

I just got this game and as soon as I started playing I loved it


This is definitely my favorite Ketchapp game so far. But, if you have seizures, I don’t recommend this app. The graphics are very... neon and surprising, I guess. So, if you have seizures, in my opinion, DO NOT play this game.



Love it but it’s not long enough

I’ve been playing this game for a little over a week and it’s great and fun and looks nice, but since I’ve completed all the challenges and collected all the buyable spheres, all that’s really left for me to do is collect the daily rewards so I can get the secret spheres and level up so I can get the rest of the tracks and the last rank sphere. After that I’m probably gonna have trouble enjoying the game so I’ll probably end up deleting it, which is a shame because I enjoy it. But without the problem use of rewards or anything, I’m not going to be motivated to play it. Also my gems are kinda just uselessly piling up now that I’ve bought all the buyable spheres. But like, overall, it’s a good game.

This game is ....

I think this game is pretty fun . The colors are pretty but after I play ONE round I get many ads and I can barely play.


A very fun (and hard) game and is a good time killer 🙂


The game is great but there are lag problems.

Love this game so addicting!!!!

I LOVE this game it is soooo addicting i cant stop playing it my highscore 157 defentilt recomend it tooo any body

Game crash

The game crash every time after I close AD.

Great game to kill time and it’s completely free

Having s fun and good time playing this game. It’s so addictive. It’s like game crack. Without the crack. It is fun though. I’ve gotten some cool spheres so far. Looking forward to getting some more


I am obsessed with this game however after a day of having it. The game freezes it wont let me press play or do anything i undownloaded it twice and redownloaded it and ot worked but then did the same thing the next day help me please

The Graphics

When did the graphics turn into pixels?

Used to be good!

I did the last update, which made the starting screen unresponsive. So if you delete the game and re-download it you can play the starting match




I have never been more entranced and anxious about a game at the same time before. This game is great for me when I’m feeling stressed because I focus all my energy into changing lanes at the right time. I love the colors and the different balls. And the challenges are attainable but not too easy. A great game.


I love this game very cool graphics color is amazing love the challenge the speed gets me, it fun I love it


I can’t get the game to load. I get on it and click the play button and nothing happens. This is a constant thing and it’s quite annoying. Every time a ad pops up and I click the x it won’t let me play the game. How am I supposed to play the game if there’s an ad


This game is addicting! The only thing I would ask is that there would be more challenges, I have completed all 100 of them and unlocked almost all the balls.

To many ads!

So many ads, it takes away from the game play.

It keeps freezing!!!

This game is fun until one’s actions seem to freeze causing a delayed reaction. Incredibly annoying.

Amazing Game Love It❤️😍😍😍

This is a great game good quality and not many adds only when you want to revive. This game is very fun, hard and challenging but that’s what makes it even more fun then it is. The color is amazing and it is very fast and doesn’t glitch at all.

Hard as hell

But I like it it’s so much fun


This game is amazing

Awesome and fun!

Rush is an exciting game forcing you to up your response time! The speed and theme is very similar to Disney's Tron, and the music is phenomenal too! 4/5 stars only because of the frequent ads and the absent option to just buy the game.


No moar calculus

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