Rush App Reviews

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This app is the bomb!

Hello, as you can see I bought rush! It’s really good but, could use better and brighter animations! But I still play, but only when I’m bored.


This game is amazing. I have a few features I’d like to have. 1. Spam Mode 2. Speed Select 3. Timing Option, and for 4., Lane Expand. Hope you add these!

I don’t know how.

I just don’t understand how to tap the screen and make the ball slide over.b🖕🏾😭😒😔🤬😖😢😖


So Addicting~ I Love It!!!!

I love rush

Rush is awesome I love it i got it because my brother got it 🌈⚡️🦄🦋🐶🤩😜😻

Don’t get it

Too many ads, lags way too much (and I have the iPhone 6s Plus) and they both get in your way of winning so your average goes down


U love it so I must


I really love this game!!


Love this game and I don’t even have to spend any money. The ads are not even that bad bad as other games.


Not really the best,needs work.It gets annoying to a lot people

Thank you

Thank you for making this game.

This game should be easy

I don’t like that I don’t get a high score and the music is just depressing please please please make it so I can get a high score Make it happen people make it happen I know you can do but I STILL LOVE IT 😍 bye

Worth the time and space!

No bugged situation, simple objective, good challenges, I never played a game that’s so good to where I can’t say anything about it cause it’s that good!

I like

this game is very addicting to me and I don’t know why tho. And I don’t play a lot of mobile games.

Rush is a good game 😁👍

This game helps you focus and it is a great thinking game.

rewiew by RILEY C BECK

This game is so much fun and cool to I recommend this game because it helps your brain

Mind blowing

Time pass game


This game is fine. I’ve had better games and worse. If I were you I wouldn’t get this game

Very much addicting

What a fun way to pass time! 👍

To Rush From AMH

Rush is so head and fun some times when head stuff is head it is fun.

Too addictive

It is so addicting

Too many glitches

I mean I love love the but doe I just can’t win there too many glitches

Thumbs up

Great game fun to play to pass the time yet challenging at the same time I’m a big gamer I feel like this game is really acceptable to be on the gamer lists.

really fun!

it’s really fun! you should add more challenges though


To many !!!!!



Best game

Best game!

So fun

I play this game so many times a day it’s crazy! It’s fun just to sit there and play this. I could sit down in one spot and play this game all day!!! Absolutely love it!


It’s fun and It is also a good game for kids to learn this game because it has numbers and it has levels for kids I like it sometimes

Love it

Ok seriously this game is very challenging. I love it, wish you can choose your music from your iOS device library. Other than that great game I totally love it

Rush review

This game eh I’d do good without I mean it’s okay but there are way too many adds and it skips a lot so I have trouble reaching my goal I would fix that

I'm rushing impressed by Rush!

Very good and addictive game!

This app is great

I love this app it is so much fun it’s so challenging and I can’t put my phone down when I’m playing


I lues to hared!


I like the game


It’s fun and I love that I can play it on the bus going home. It’s hard. My high score is 95. It would be cool if it could have an update. It it already REALLY cool. ;)


Bets game ever I’m addicted to this

hiw to see ranking

ajay ramin


I got this game a week ago and I can’t stop playing it!!!!!

I love this game

This game is so fun. I couldn't stop playing this game I love it I haven't ever been able to play a game this long. I love this game

Paid $3 and ads are still there!

Awful! Ruined by ads. Paid $3 but ads are still there in revive mode. You have to wait at least 30 seconds to resume and totally ruins your momentum and the game. Paid $3 to “make ads go away” and it only took the ad away from the bottom of the screen! Lies! Want a refund

Best game ever

Cool balls does not glitch. Runs very very smoothly. That’s why I recommend this epic game. You can also get huge high scores.


I love this game so much it is amazing I love it thank you for making this game


Lag makes it impossible to play high up

BEST Game ever

I love the game these are so cool . Three is no adds😧👍🤘🏻

👍pretty good

I like rush a lot it is fun getting new spheres and you don’t always know what is going to happen, but there are a lot of ads that keep coming up and it is really annoying. In all rush is a great game.


The concept of the game is awesome but the thing that really gets on my nerves is how I’ll be really close to beating my high school as he ball speeds up, then the game lags cause of the ad that’s constantly at the bottom of the screen and I die. It’s honestly not cool. I’m to the point of deleting it cause I don’t even find it fun anymore.


The game is fun, but after a while it gets boring and a little too hard.


wish the game will start off slow but i love the neon colors. tbh that’s actually what makes the games nice, if it wasn’t for the colors this game wouldn’t have made it.


This game glitches so much it’s unreal and its not that fun

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