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Really like the game

When I first started playing the game I thought gotta dodge the deadly game rainbow Doritos but one problem the ball is too fast.

Glitch Problems

It glitches and freezes a lot when I play on my iPhone 6. It causes me to lose and it’s really irritating.


Cool game dudes


It’s awesome it’s addictive

There is no time

Between two numbers that are close there is no time for you to change lanes so it to where you do run into a number

It’s fun but could be better

I like almost everything about it but could be improved if it were a little easier to get epics.

A Colorful Adventure!

The soundtrack is incredible and the game is frustratingly fun to play through! I love this game so muchhhh

Why I gave it four stars

It is fun, time consuming, but very difficult. I have been playing for a while now and my high score is only 36.

Great Game!

People might be having a hard time with it but I think it’s great! The amount of adds though has pushed me to delete it several times. Maybe make a premium where you have to pay for no adds AND free balls, and tracks and stuff. Also making power ups is a good idea. Thanks again for making such an fun game! Pros: Many Cons: TO many adds


So glad my cousin tell me to download this game! Amazing!


Is cool game

Fun game

This game is fun to pass time I recommend it just ever type you get a ball the price goes up but besides that I love it

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Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush


R u GOOF????

I love this game

This game is really fun you can play it for free🙂🙂 and you can get different balls that’s almost all but there is (don’t hite the triangles)

It okay😐😑

Good although tons of bugs and tonssssss of glitches which makes me lose and gets my last nerves

I love rush

Rush is a very fun hard game

Too many rankings

When you get to 20 or something they say above average and it messes you up and it blinks multiple times.


I’d give this wonderful ketch app game 5/5 stars there's no problems so far I always wanna play i would totally😘recommend this game😀😀😀😃


Gets boring after a couple of weeks


im addicted 😂

Good game

Addictive I love it play it everyday and everywhere and when I am bored 👍

I love it so much it’s addicting

I love it it is so amusing I never want to stop playing it I love the challenges they challenge me every time I can’t get offf it

Ok but

It’s fun but it gets on my nerves how many adds there are and it glitches all the time and I know it’s not phone because it does the same thing on my ipad, and every other app works just fine... If you could fix the app I may not delete it

Fun but there’s a few issues

I love this game and I got it today and it’s just amazing but there are a few bugs. 1.It drains my battery 2.Sometimes it crashes and ruins the experience 3.i only said I got this today even though I got this 3 days ago and that’s how long it took to download should make levels because for beginners (like me) it’s really hard for beginners they could start at level 1 and go up. Other then that I love this game and I hope you read this and update the game. Please answer this review and thx for your time.


Great game lots of fun

Rush the unique

I feel this app helps me make quick decisions in a challenging way and the lights make it harder, overall I like this game 🙂 does get a bit boring after awhile😕

Funnest game !!

I like it a lot it’s a little challenging but it’s pretty fun I suggest that you should play it 😎🤓😇😃✌️👌🙃 peace out bye

Fun game

This game is very fun

Fun and challenging

This game is addicting and it helps you with looking ahead before going because it is challenging and it is also fun and very interactive


Awesome game I love it so much 😀

It’s Awesome

This game is so cool . It has awesome features. The music on rush is so cool . Rush is one of my favorite games. But the only thing is that it glitches a lot .But if it didn’t glitch it would be a five star game

Best game

This is amazing

I like this game

This game is fun and has great music

needs tiny improvements

this is a great game i love the color my score is between 170 and 180 rainbow colors make the game great add more secret spheres to the game slow the speed down just a bit but other than that it’s a fun app


all i can say is i love this game.Im am going past like 70


This is the best game u ever made ketchapp sooooo FUN and ADDICTIVE!!!! Make a RUSH 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love the graphics and the balls designs are great! But there’s a lot of adds and I think it would be better if you had different Obstacles!on different level other than that totally ❤️ it!


I Love kachap


I love rush

Best game ever!! 👻👻

Its So creative and the graphics are great!


this game is so addicting but hard to beat. I get soooooo mad whenever I lose and me and my friends are yelling our butts if when we lose at this addicting games

Coolest game ever

Coolest game Ever


This game is so fun to play! It runs so smoothly and it’s super addicting every time I reach my high score I keep playing to beat it. The only thing that I think needs work is... when I watch an add to revive sometimes the screen turns completely white and i have to shut of my device and turn it back on, And it still doesn’t let me revive. But anyways this is super fun and Addicting to play so, 4 stars!


I liked da green oh the pink

Awesome Game

This game is so epic. It has a few bugs yeah, but it's so fun to play. It's so funny because when I hit an obstacle I explode and I get super angry so if you get it I hope you have fun. BYYYEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t like this game but it is very clever👌🏾👌🏾


only if the game starts off slow.


This is the best game ever

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